Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tsamar chather rath singh aasan

Tsa’mar cha’ther rath singh’aasan,
Ah’laad naa’tye-ras tuuli-pra’yank;
Kyaah mae’nith yate s’thaer aase’wun,
Kave zana kae’sy mar’nech shainkh!

“A royal hand-propelled fan, sunshade canopy and a chariot, merry revelries, delights of the theater and a royal bedstead with soft cotton fillings! How you enjoy these things? Do you imagine they can last ever for you? Or you believe these things dissipate the fear of death!”

Lalleshuri points out the real or perceived flaws in the royal life patterns of a worldly wealthy person, a baron or a king sitting on his royal chariot, the royal flying whisk moving to and fro overhead, a sunshade canopy and the throne, dancing girls presenting a theater show, resting on a comfortable cotton filled soft seat with soft pillows all around. Now Lalleshuri critically questions such a beneficiary the stability of these things saying, “How do you prefer indulging into such fineries and enjoyments? Would these things ever prove permanently stable for you or would you be able to continue them after you leave this body frame? Would these things save you ultimately from the fear of life and death?” The answer to all these queries is obviously in negative as all such worldly enjoyments are of no permanent substance and can be continued only till the end of the present life. All worldly glamour and enjoyments, wealth and status are just short-lived without any stability so it’s all futile to attach oneself to these transitory objects for a moment’s pleasure. Thus it’s again a reminder to the mortal being that the only thing that would serve the purpose is whatever work is done towards the realization of self and spiritual development

Chammar (H.P. Fan usually used in present day Gurudwars), Chatter (Royal embrella), Rath (Chariot), Singhasan (Royal Seat), ??????? Kyah (what), Meenith (to measure), yateh (Here), Sither(Permanent), KavZan(How it will? ), Kaesei (Get rid of), Marnech (Death), Shainkh (Doubt)

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